System – The Journey to Financial Freedom as an Enterpreneur

Last week, I ask my younger brother what he understood by the word “system” I was asking him about the system that makes the human body. It takes him less than two minute before he could finish explaining how the whole systems help the physical body to function effectively. But one thing he was not able to answer is “what will happen if one of the body system fail to function”. Let say the respiratory system.

You are right,

breathing won’t be that easy which means death, except the person uses oxygen and that will requires money.

The body and business do go the same way.

Now imagine a business without a system. How would it be?

I cringe when I heard some Nigeria calling themselves businessmen or business women in Nigeria.

Ask them what makes them an enterpreneur? one of the things they will tell you is that ” i have a shop, i open any time and close any time, i dont work under anybody” Although this are some of the benefits of being an enterpreneur, but that alone doesnt qualify one as a successful business owner.

You dont agree with me? let assume that i own a shop that fetch me millions of naira monthly, unfortunately for me, (i dont pray for that) i became ill that i do not have the strength to open the shop, how will the business run, let alone of how to make money for that month. That means that if i am not in the shop i cant make money, so i need to dedicate all my time to it.

By the way, why should i dedicate a lot of my time doing my business?

That looks crazy!

Have you read Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki? if no, i recommend you read the book, (You can get the book from any bookshop in Nigeria) because when you read this book you will know whether what qualifies you as an enterpreneur.

According to him, he highlight that the main thing that qualifies you as a business owner is the word “System”

You might be familiar with the word, but it might look strange to you.

Have you been to the eatery? Well, don’t mind me I am just kidding. Everybody likes going there including me but the fact is that we never look beyond what is going on in the eatery apart from the food they sell.


From the moment you step out of you car and set to open the door, you will see someone who is designated to open the door for you to go in, the moment you go in, you will meet someone at the counter who is designated to sell you whatever you want. And don’t forget that the chair you sit on, is the work of another person to make it clean. What about those that are designated to run the company.

You will realise that they are all working for one person – The Big Boss or a group of people.

Now imagine if the owner of the company decided not to use the system of employment by working alone, how much wealth will he accumulate in one year? compare the work done by five hundred people to work done by five people.

Apart from Wealth, Owning a system makes one free unlike working alone because it will enable you to leverage some people’s time and effort. in Nigeria Time is a very important as money. instead of staying the whole day in a shop, you can get others to do that for you, while you tackle some other thing.

Another thing is living an healthy lifestyle. Since your Health is your Wealth, owning a system instead of working alone will enable you to live an healthy life – no stress, you will be disease free. So you too can joins hundreds of healthy businessmen in Nigeria, all you need is to own a system.

Apart from freedom in every aspect of life, If Nigeria businessmen or women should plan on a sound system then, there will be employment opportunities in the country because they willl be able to delegate work to people, thereby reducing their workload.

They should also know that it is not about owning or buying the SYSTEM but it is also about paying the due to those that are working for the system.

After searching the secret to financial freedom, Onapemipo have now discovered the true secret to Financial Freedom using the SYSTEM of EMPOWERMENT instead of EMPLOYMENT.

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Why you should be a Businesswoman

Have you ever been worrying yourself about the kind of business that is very perfect for you as a mother? maybe you are the type of mother who wakes-up early in the money and come home late in the night.

Then this information might change your life and make you financially free?

By the way, who among women most especially in Nigeria wouldn’t like to own a business of her own.

Back in those days when men are the one running up and down searching for job that will feed the whole family, then women will be at home taking care of the kids and making sure that everything is in the right order. In fact, those are the days when both men and women really enjoy the word “Marriage” and the fruits – their children.

But nowadays things are changing, cost of living in Nigeria most especially in Lagos is getting high every day. A Pack of biscuit that cost 5 naira then is now sold for 10 naira in some places in Lagos.

So the need for Nigerian women to own a business is in demand than nothing else.

Below are some benefits of owning a Business as a woman:

Financial Freedom: Owning a business is one of the surest way of gaining financial freedom. In the case of women it can also fetch them residual income to support their husband and make them financially free for live.

Time Freedom:Have you ever think of having enough time for yourself as a mother, then you need to be a business owner. It is very important for mothers so that they will have time to care of their children and also have time for their love ones.
It doesn’t make sence if parent do not have time for their children

Little Stress Require: Unlike any other of making money, owning a business will require little stress. So you don’t have to wake up early in the money and return back in the mid-night. And when little stress is require in doing a business, then you are on the pathway to Healthy Living.

Recently, I was opportune to listen to one of my partner. She is a lecturer in one the universities in our country. According to what she told me, she said that early this year her business was booming she was giving a check that worth millions, most lecturers are busy grumbling and protesting because most of them depend on their salary, she was very happy that she had seize the opportunity by doing getting the secret to financial freedom.

Who know where she would have been by now if she hadn’t seize the opportunity by owning a business?



Business for retired workers in Nigeria

Last month a friend of mine told me that he had resigned from his place of work. I was very shocked when I heard this. Ask me why. This particular friend of mine is a kind of person who doesn’t joke with his work. To show how dedicated he is to his work, instead of going to church on Sunday he would prefer going to work all in the name of emergency work.

He told me painfully or regretfully that he voluntarily retired himself because what the owner of the company cared about is how they will move the business. After he had spoken with the owner of the company that he will be going for medical treatment and he needed some money for the treatment which means he will be absent from work for a month. After the talk the owner told him that if he should give him a lone of that amount that he is pleading for, his company will be at loss and his company cannot afford to spend anything without interest and since he will be on the hospital bed for a whole month, how will the company cope for that month… how will he pay back the loan.

That was when he realized that working for someone is a big curse especially in Nigeria because while you are focusing your strength, your time and effort on how the company will move forward and the owner of the company will also be focusing his strength and effort on how his company will move forward – since he his the owner of the business. What about his own business and family?

It pains me whenever I see some old retired workers complaining and protesting against government or some smart people that they should pay them their gratuity or their right because most of this old retired workers have use all their strength and time in serving the government for many years and what they get in return is an envelop containing “Retrenchment”

According to the experts, in order to prevent this unnecessary complain against those that are not ready to listen to listen to them. Retired workers or pensioners should play it smart by seeking for a pension management plan. Presently there are many pension management companies in Nigeria like IBTC and some other company that are actually helping people retire well and happy.

Or they should seek for alternative business for retired workers in Nigeria – business that can be done by retired workers in Nigeria. Business that will not require much of their time, at the same time will also help them gain financial freedom, within 2 – 5 years.

So, retired workers in Nigeria can now enjoy their life, gain financial freedom and live and healthy life since there are lots of business opportunities in Nigeria and the whole of Africa for retire old workers


To your Success


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How to make money in Nigeria this Year

Thank God 2010 is gone, we are now in 2011!

Every New Year is a time for people in Nigeria to make wish or wishes. Some of us do have many things we want to achieve in this year 2011. Like in my own case, I wish that before the end of 2011 I want to be my own boss because I am tired of the insults, pressures and stress all in the name of “I am the one paying your salary”, I want to be financially free, and I want to have time for my family. in fact don’t want anything to separate me from my family. To some Nigerians their wishes don’t end there in fact it started from where I stop.

O.k. Ask a young guy from Nigeria what his wishes are this 2011. The first thing he will tell you is “I want to buy one of the latest cars in town like Hummer 3 and I want to build one of the best home in Nigeria”.  Ask him where he will like to build it. He will never say Ajegunle or some other area that are not popular. He will like to live in  the most popular places where most big men live like Victoria Island, VGC, Ajao Estate, some major places in Abuja or Port Harcourt. In fact he will want to have every thing come to reality this Year.

The fact is that everyone want to have unlimited cash, want to have total control of their time this 2011 but only few people know how?

Like we have been told that before one can make it in Nigeria you need to be an hard working and a sleepless person. That is why we believe that hard-work alone will solve their problem. Most people work very hard from Monday to Friday 24/7 with the hope of earning some cash at the end of the month yet they earn less than what they had expected.

Ask most big men in Nigeria the secret behind their Success. They will not hesitate to tell you that it is absolutely Business. I mean Cool, Pure and legal business. Don’t quote me wrong, there are many ways you can earn unlimited cash in Nigeria. You can make money by cheating, Stealing, kidnapping and gambling. But the question is how long will you continue to waste your time by engaging in some of this activities because they can not take us to anywhere in life. But the best and the safest way to make money in Nigeria is by establishing a business

Do you think some big men like Mike will be successful if they are working for someone else or working on the counter selling tickets, and some other things in order to earn salary? No. Most of them knew that they will not be that successful if they seek for employment opportunity instead they seek for business opportunity. They also realize that the greatest asset God have given to them is their time and it will not benefit them if they should allow other people to control it. So they decide to control their time by owning their business so as to avoid stress and pressure.

The Fact is that before you can be financially free or make unlimited cash you need to do what the big men are doing. You need to be an entrepreneur before you can have unlimited cash. In other word you need to have a business before you can be financially free in Nigeria because the word “Job Security” no longer exist. What will you do if the owner of the company decides to reduce his expenses by laying-off some of his worker or if he decides to sell his Company, Is there any alternative?

Besides financially free and freedom, having a business on your own may reduce the risk of having some chronic diseases like Heart disease and some other deadly diseases causes by Stress and Pressure from work. Now tell me, how will you feel if you wake up early in the morning and realize that you are free from the Pressure, Stress and Insults from your boss all in the name of “Wages or Salaries”? Well I don’t know about you, but for me I was very happy because I never knew I could have a rest of mind in my life. Have you ever ask your doctor what are the causes of some chronic diseases that are now common in Town now? You may not believe it but the truth is “Stress and Pressure mostly in the place of work” is the major causes of some chronic diseases like Heart Problem and so on.

Think you are confused? Then you need to do is to remember this saying “show me who you admire or move with and I will show you what you will become in the following year.” If you are making wish of becoming rich and famous in Nigeria then you need to do what the successful people are doing.

You need to be an Entrepreneur!

To your Suceess

O. Onafuwa (Business builder & Entrepreneur)

The Best Lucrative Business in Nigeria

Are you looking of starting a Small business or a micro-business this year then I think this information is meant for you.


Looking for the most Profitable Business might be a very great task most especially in Nigeria and if care is not taken one might be a victim of circumstances and I don’t pray you should fall among. Presently the country is facing some challenges in some area like Electricity; transportation even communication. And all these areas do affect business which also affects the development of the country. In fact some people who hope to defeat the word “MODERN SLAVERY” by taking the risk of establishing a business of their choice have now find it hard to carry on as a result of one problem to another (Electricity Problem, Transportation Problem, maintenance and Payroll).


Imagine that you establish a business that fetch you 12 million naira a year then that kind of business can still be consider as a profitable business that is after you have deducted all the expenses without you owing any of your workers. To be frank, getting such profit on a business requires time and God grace and some times most business doesn’t yield profit at the initial stages until two to three years.


So, it is advisable that instead of establishing a business that will require huge amount of your money, time and resources without you knowing when it will start to yield profits one should seek for a ready made business or small franchise – business that have products else the business is not legitimate. And thank God that there are many ready made businesses or small franchise businesses in Nigeria.



One of the main advantages the business has over any other business in the country is that unlimited money is guaranty. So, if you think that the only way one can make huge lot of money in Nigeria is by engaging in some unlawful business then you are committing a lot of error because you can make a lot of money doing a ready made business.


Other advantages are:

No staff is require which ultimately means no salary payment expenses,

No social utility payment like Electricity etc., or any other challenges most businesses,

No stress is required in doing this business,

It can be done anywhere in the world,

Little or no money is required in starting the business

Little money is required in running the business depending on the type of ready made business company you are.


Apart from this few advantages there are some other advantages that will require much of my time if I am to highlight them to you.


The fact still remains we are in a business world. And only those who are in business will be financially free (wealthy). So, if you have taken a step by establishing a business of your own then I congratulate you for been wise.


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